Paige & Emma

Harlem, NY

Paige and Emma met on Tinder in August 2018 and recently celebrated their six-month anniversary. From August - October, they dated non-exclusively, but quickly realized they both wanted a monogamous, exclusive relationship. But before entering an exclusive relationship, they both introduced one another to their friends, a phenomenon that occurs frequently in the queer community. And yes, they both received the seal of approval from their friends. Emma identifies as bisexual while Paige identifies as gay, and Emma came out at 13 compared to Paige who came out in college. This is their first post-graduate relationship, which provided a bit of a curve. When they first met in August, both lacked a permanent full-time job. In fact, Paige lived at home in New Jersey and commuted into the city everyday for a top-tier internship. Their relationship provided a secure constant in a time of tumultuous uncertainty. 

"Sure, we go to both straight and LGBTQ places together, but I think there’s something about being in an LGBTQ environment that’s comforting. It’s like having an inside joke with everyone else in the room."

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