Mollie & Sophia

East Village, NY

Mollie and Sophia met on Hinge less than 2 months ago. They already classify their relationship as exclusive and call each other "girlfriend." For Sophia, this is her very first relationship with a woman, but she has been out as bisexual for over two years. In her experience with online dating, she has found extensive biphobia in the lesbian community and finds more success in dating trans men. Compared to Sophia, Mollie has a large community of queer women she surrounds herself with and has introduced Sophia to many of the queer women in her life. "You don't need a straight community," Sophia said. Mollie nodded in agreement and explained that she didn't first find a queer community until her senior year of college. Now that she lives in New York City, her queer community has only expanded. 

"Most of my relationships have been straight and I think I'm carrying over some of that reserve, even though this is a relationship with a woman."

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