Makana & Alex

Hell's Kitchen, NY

While working abroad almost five years ago, Makana ventured into a gay bar in hopes of finding a hookup. Now that hookup, Alex, is her long-term girlfriend. They started really hooking up for about a month after meeting, and that’s when they realized the worst happened: feelings. Both were determined, absolutely determined, not to act on them since Alex was finishing up high school in Germany and Makana had to return to the United States. But joke’s on them: feelings tend to have a mind of their own. After Makana went back, they continued talking, but Alex tried to cut it off since nothing could ever come from it. They stopped talking and unfriended each other on all social media. Eventually, Makana commented on a post – these were in Facebook’s glory days – and the two reconnected. Right before Alex was going to LA, Makana went on a trip with her friends and ended up sleeping with someone else. Immediately she knew she had to end things with Alex. “That was out of bounds,” Makana said. Of  course, Alex flew to LA  anyway – her mom bought a last minute ticket for herself – and they ended up meeting up...which led to hooking up. And the rest is history.

Now, Makana and Alex share a one-bedroom apartment in Hell's Kitchen, NY and work for the same company. Their space lacks sentimental objects since they’re both minimalistic people, but they do have one sentimental object: the love token. For their two year anniversary, they went to a bed and breakfast in San Diego, and the b&b gave them a love token as a token of appreciation. They take turns hiding it and it says “I love you” on it.  Once they find it, the seeker texts the hider it's been found. To this day, they have not lost the love token, a true miracle. “If we lose it, I guess we’ll have to break up,” Makana said jokingly.

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