Christa & Laura

Lower East Side, NY

Laura and Christa met four years ago at Christian youth group in California, where they both grew up, and now navigate a cross-country long distance relationship. Christa attends Cal Poly while Laura attends NYU. Throughout the span of their relationship, both Christa and Laura have grown confident in their gay identities and have learned to understand how sexuality plays a role in their daily lives. For Christa, Laura's the only girl and person she's ever slept with and dated. For Laura, she's evolved extensively since first dating Christa. In fact, they've evolved together. When they first met, they both described themselves as "masculine," donning bright blue hair and baggy basketball shorts. Collectively, they've realized that gay is not synonymous with masculine. "I felt like I had to be a certain way," Laura said. 


Despite the fact their relationship is long distance, both have managed to socialize and befriend each other's new friends in college. Compared to heterosexual relationships, same-sex female relationships give each person the opportunity to "blend in" with their significant others' respective social groups. When Christa visits Laura in New York, she is almost just as close to Laura's roommates as Laura herself. "Everyone's just friends, so it's ok to bring her to social events. She's not coming as my girlfriend, she's coming as a friend who just happens to be my girlfriend." 

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